1. Can I purchase photo-sets of your models?
No. We don't sell our content, and don't shoot photo series for other sites.

2. What are the prices for hiring your models?
Prices are strictly individual, and depend entirely on the client's specifications. We can provide everything from small size photos from a digital camera (intended entirely for Web-publishing) to over 500MB scans from large format equipment, video clips, post-production etc. Feel free to contact us with your inquiries.

3. Can I contact the models directly?
Absolutely NO. We won't reveal any private information regarding our models. All shooting is done solely by our staff at nearby locations or in our studio.

4. Are the featured models the only ones I can hire?
No. We have in our database more than 200 girls that want to try the modeling career. We are shooting with models who are best fitted for this kind of work, but if you don't see the model you need in our models section, feel free to contact us and describe your specific requirements.



1. How much does the membership cost?
At the moment offer recurring and non-recurring billing. You can purchase 30 days access to the members area for $29.95 (rebilling at $24.95). If you have chosen 90 days acces, you will be billed $69.95.

2. What name will appear on my credit card bill?
You will be billed as "Ventox Boundless " on your credit card statement. The name of our site and its content will not appear anywhere.

3. How can I stop the rebilling of my credit card?
If you have purchased rebilling membership via Ventox, click here to stop rebilling. The other payment options do NOT have any recurring billing plans, so no membership cancellation requests are necessary. Each account will automatically expire at the end of the membership period, and no further charges will apply.

5. How can I check whether my payment went through?
If your payment goes through, you will receive an e-mail, informing you that the payment has been successfully completed, and within several minutes - a letter from us containing your username/password. If the payment is declined, you will receive a message, informing you that the transaction can not be processed.

This is a totally anonymous payment method. We receive only an e-mail address and the sum transferred. A username & password will be sent to the e-mail address associated with the payment transaction.

This is a totally anonymous payment method. You enter a real or fictious name, and a valid e-mail address - and receive an invoice. Then you have to mail in your payment in the form of a Check or Money Order. As soon as the payment is received, you'll receive an e-mail from us containing your username and password.




1. I click on a link, but nothing happens.
Your browser's JavaScript support must be enabled.
To enable JavaScript, go into your web browser and change the settings:

Open Netscape and select Preferences from the Edit menu;
Click Advanced, check Enable JavaScript

Internet Explorer
Open Internet Explorer and select Internet Options from the View menu On the Advanced tab, under Java VM, JIT Compiler Enabled

2. The site gives time-out errors, or the pictures don't appear.
This may be caused by a number of reasons, but usually the reason is a bad/broken Internet connection, or a non-working browser. We suggest the following:

ISP stands for Internet Service Provider (e.g., xmission, aol, uswest, att, etc.). Your ISP is the company that connects you to the Internet. Try to go anywhere on the web, for example, click on "Search" on your browser. If you can't get anywhere on the web, then your Internet service is interrupted. Generally, just wait a while, but your ISP will have procedures for reporting service interruption.

Close Netscape or Explorer or whatever browser you are using. Browsers are very complicated programs and sometimes they get glitches. Best way to get rid of the glitch is to close the browser and reopen a fresh version of it. We find that the more consecutive hours you are using a browser without restarting it, the more likely it is to get glitchy or even crash.

This is simple to do and costs little time, so it's worth doing first when something does not work on the web.

Hold down the Shift key and click Reload on the bar along the top of Netscape. The Reload button is next to Home and Search on Netscape.

Internet Explorer
Hold down the the Control key and click Refresh.

Shift/Reload causes your browser to go back out on the Internet and re-download the page. So any momentary glitch on the Internet will not be stored for months in your browser's "cache" memory and continue to cause you problems that have long ago been fixed.

If the problem persists, please contact our Webmaster.

3. When I enter the Members Area, I'm asked to enter my user/password information twice or more
If you have to enter username/password twice, probably you're trying to access our site with "", without the www in front. This causes the server to authenticate you twice.

If you're requested to enter your information continuously, then you have to clear all the cookies from the browser memory. If you're using Internet Explorer, simply go to Tools -> Internet Options -> General, then in Temporary Internet Files zone click on the Delete Files button.

4. I'm trying to access a bookmarked page at your site, but an error page appears
You are NOT allowed to access our content from outside. If you want to access certain page, go to, and proceed from there.

5. I have a valid username & password, but can't access the Members Area
Your entrance is denied for one of the following reasons:

- your Membership has expired - in that case you'll see an error message.
- there were other people trying to enter the Members Area with the same username/password, and your account has been suspended - in that case you'll be returned to the Home Page.

6. I have purchased a Membership, but did NOT receive a username & password to access the galleries
The sign-up process is automated, so you'll receive the username/password via e-mail within a couple of minutes after completing the purchase. If you're using free e-mail service like hotmail, yahoo etc., it will take some more time for the message to arrive. Sometimes due to Internet conection problems, or because of a spam blocking software, the cusomer doesn't receive this e-mail.

If you don't receive your username/password within a couple of hours, and you have payed via VENTOX - please click here - and after entering your e-mail address, you'll get the account information re-sent to you. Just make sure that there's no spam blocker deleting messages from

Please note: if your credit card payment has been successful, a message "APPROVED" would appear on the screen, and a second later - your username & password for the Members area. If you see a transaction from VENTOX BOUNDLESS in your online credit card payment history, but you didn't see the APPROVED message, and you didn't receive username & password combination via e-mail - this means that the transaction has not been approved. It will disappear by itself from your online statement several days later, and you won't get billed. For more information please contact the card issuing bank.

You can double-check the status of your order here - if you don't receive username & password after submitting your e-mail, then evidently your payment didn't go through...

If you have payed via eBillMe or eGold, and haven't received username & password - send us a message, and we'll re-send the neccessarry info.

7. I just purchased a Membership, and received a username & password, but can't access the galleries
Probably you have entered a wrong username or password. Both username and password are case-sensitive. Please, do not enter manually them in your browser window, use copy/paste instead. Don't leave any leading/trailing spaces either.

8. When I enter the Members' area, I see the descriptions for each gallery, but no pictures appear
Probably you have ad-stopping software, preventing display of images with certain sizes. Disable your firewall/ad blocking program. If the problem persists, we suggest re-installing the operating system.

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